A Half Day Visitation program for groups (15 plus) will include a tour of the Strawberry Museum and the Strawberry Queen Ballroom. A supporting commentary will be given as well as will be shown a short video on the history of the Strawberry Queen Competition. If a lady dancer is not working and is available, dance demonstrations will be performed in the Ballroom. The visit will include a Devonshire Tea morning tea.

On departing Tranquility Park a short drive to Victoria Point where guests will enjoy a light cafe lunch.


Will include the Half Day Tour with the exception that guests when departing Tranquility Park will proceed to Toondah Harbour where the Gold Cat Water Taxi will take them to Dunwich for a restaurant lunch.

At Tranquility Park visitors can browse displays of hand crafted Strawberry and Indigenous Souvenirs.


The provision of a safe and enjoyable environment for travellers applies to the following:-
The Secured Vehicle Land is to be used by self-contained vehicles. For travellers who choose not to use their own toilet, a single external toilet is available. However, a $3.00 per couple per day fee will be charged for its use.

Another area of the property, not connected to the Secured Vehicle Land are Grandma's Cabin whereby all linen, crockery and cutlery are provided. The other is Granddad's Cottage which has two single beds, two seater lounge chair and table and chairs. Bar refrigerator is provided. All linen, food and cooking utensils are provided by the traveller. Big Berry Chalet has three bedrooms with all linen cutlery and crockery and cooking utensils supplied.

All three have their own shower and toilet facilities.

For Self contained vehicles $45.00 for the first three nights and $15.00 for each subsequent night.

Grandma's Cabin $80.00 for two people per night with a minimum of two nights.

Granddad's Cottage $40.00 for two people per night and $30.00 per night for one person with a minimum of three nights.

Big Berry Chalet $70.00 for two people per night plus $15.00 for each additional person with a minimum of three nights.